Vegetarian Diet & Health

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“Vegetarian” that word itself is pointing towards the food which is being made by vegetables and some sort of leaves.  The items like flesh(meat), fish and poultry items to be treated as other than vegetarian.vegetarian-food-fruit-and-vegetables-healthy-diet Preventing Cancer Vegetarian food is much concern nowadays in connection with its nature of low in saturated fat.High amount of fiber and replete with cancer protective phytochemicals which helps to prevent cancer. In European countries such as England and Germany have shown that vegetarians are about 40 percent less likely to develop cancer compared to meat-eaters. The meat eaters  world wide facing adversities like breast cancer, colon, ovaries and prostate.The new invention of Harvard studies  that including 10’s of thousands of women and men having the risk of colon cancer roughly  by 300%. Between 8,9 High-fat diets also encourage the body’s production of estrogens, in particular, estradiol. Increased levels of this sex hormone have been linked to breast cancer. In Sri Lanka, Most of the people used to take jack fruits  in their routine food items. Jackfruit is having more fiber contents and when comparing with other national people, their percentage of cancer affected people are very less in number Beating Heart Disease Vegetarian diets also help in preventing heart diseases. The fiber contents of vegetarian diet helps reduce cholesterol levels . Lowering Blood Pressure In the early 1900s, nutritionists noted that people who ate no meat had lower blood pressure. They also discovered that vegetarian diets could, within two weeks, significantly reduce a person’s blood pressure.21 .These results were evident regardless of the sodium levels in the vegetarian diets. People who follow vegetarian diets typically have lower blood pressure.22-24 No one knows exactly why vegetarian diets work so well, but probably cutting out meat, dairy products, and added fats reduces the blood’s viscosity (or “thickness”) which, in turn, brings down blood pressure. Preventing and Reversing Diabetes Non-insulin-dependent (adult-onset) diabetes can be better controlled and sometimes even eliminated through a low-fat, vegetarian diet along with regular exercise.26 Such a diet, low in fat and high in fiber and complex carbohydrates, allows insulin to work more effectively. The diabetic person can more easily regulate glucose levels. While a vegetarian diet cannot eliminate the need for insulin in people with type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetes, it can often reduce the amounts of insulin used. Some scientists believe that insulin-dependent diabetes may be caused by an auto-immune reaction to dairy proteins. Gallstones, Kidney Stones, and Osteoporosis Vegetarian diets have been shown to reduce one’s chances of forming kidney stones and gallstones.  For many of the same reasons, vegetarians are at a lower risk for osteoporosis. Since animal products force calcium out of the body, eating meat can promote bone loss. In nations with mainly vegetable diets (and without dairy product consumption), osteoporosis is less common than in the U.S.,even when calcium intake is also less than in the U.S. Calcium is important, but there is no need to get calcium from dairy products Asthma The people who are all affected with asthma, by practicing a vegetarian diet for a full year  have a marked decrease in the need for medications and in the frequency and severity of athma. Common Concerns Some people still worry about whether a vegetarian diet can provide all essential nutrients. However, it is very easy to have a well-balanced diet with vegetarian foods, since these foods provide plenty of proteins In all reasons, medically which is proved that of people who are all taking vegetarian diets are equally or more healthier than people who are taking non vegetarian diets. India is promoting in recent past that of taking vegetarian food daily is keeping individuals away from diseases. A lot of Ayurveda treatment centers are followed the method of providing ayurveda medicated food to their guests to and from abroad. The result is somewhat 100% satisfaction and becoming  more healthier by visiting these centers in India especially in Kerala. The promotion of vegetarian diets to the people who are all coming from abroad includes India are welcoming Ayurveda diet regularly. Many  famous ayurveda & yoga centers are available in Kerala.  Elephant pass Ayurveda & Yoga retreat, is one of the best centers which promotes Ayurveda treatments and Yoga including Ayurveda diet especially.unnamed