Six Steam Room Etiquette Rules To Remember

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meditated steam bath

The positive effect a steam bath has on one’s mind and body is common knowledge. It relaxes your body and relieves you from stress. However, there are certain individuals determined to make the worst even out of the best. This, according to experts, happens just because of lack of information. People in general are great. The following is an analysis of certain steam room etiquettes. Remembering this will protect you from unpleasant surprises.


We are modern and civilized

  We are not living in the prehistoric Rome. Do not ever come naked into a steam chamber. This applies even for single-person rooms. Wear at least a towel and safeguard your modesty. We are there to relax, not for any adventure.   Avoid sitting on the floor   Use a towel to sit on. This creates an impression that you are more hygienic than those around you.  

Do not disturb the quietness

  If you are in a single steam chamber, well and good. But do not disturb the silence in a public room. Steam rooms in general are places people choose for meditation or prayer. If you want to chat, do it in the lowest voice possible.  

Stay away from technology

  Avoid bringing mobile phone or any other device into the room. People are there to enjoy a few quiet moments. Chatting on phone or even texting may irritate those around you.  

Have good manners

  Steam chamber, no doubt, is a place to relax. But your enjoyment should not deprive the others of the same. Keep in mind that everyone desires privacy. Relax in such a way that those who see you may be prompted to join you.  

Do not forget to shower beforehand

There are certain germs that go away only through a good shower. Besides, going into a steam room without showering may annoy others. Body odor is something everyone hates to bear. You should also bring your own towel when opting for the treatment. Finally, visit an Ayurveda Yoga Retreat if you are doing it for therapeutic purposes. The experts therein will guide you through the entire processes. And you won’t have anything to worry about. Besides, a medicated steam bath is the best medicine for certain skin ailments. And do not forget your due diligence. Check if the retreat is Government-approved and is equipped with at least basic amenities required for the purpose.  

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