Relaxation/Rejuvenation Massage-Everything You Should Know

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Relaxation or rejuvenation massage, no doubt, is the door to a healthier you. It heals your soul, mind and body. This brings up the question; why people don’t do it regularly? The answer is simple. A majority of us treat it as a luxury available in expensive accommodations.  The truth is that you can do it on your own. All you need to do is to learn the scientific way from an Ayurveda retreat. Spend a few weeks in your choice Ayurveda center at regular intervals and you will fare well. Even then, here are a few relaxing massage techniques you can try on your own.

Shoulder massage

Shoulder is the area where people mostly feel the tension. A massage here relieves you from stress and relaxes your muscles.

Place your hand on the recipient’s shoulder. Your thumb should stay on the person’s upper back. Let your fingers remain on the side of the collarbone. Move the entire hand in a circular motion. You should pay special attention to creating circles with your thumb on both sides of the back. Make sure that your thumb remains below the recipient’s collarbone.

If you want to go deeper, you can use both your hands. Just make sure that you give special attention to making circles.

Deep tissue massage

This massage is intended for those suffering from the health issues like chronic pain or stiffness. Here, the therapist uses slow strokes and apply firm pressure in the affected area. This relaxes your muscles. It also removes those stubborn knots, heals scars and removes adhesions. As a result, you are able to say goodbye to that deep-rooted pain. The treatment boosts the flow of blood all through the body and improves flexibility.

The best place to acquire this form of treatment is an Ayurveda retreat. Here, the therapist evaluates your physical condition and recommends a session accordingly.

Trigger point massage

Trigger point massage relieves you from pain in a specific area of your body. Here, your masseur uses a cycle of pressures to eliminate disabling aches.

Every muscle in the body contains trigger points. They get activated due to the issues like electrolyte imbalances or trauma. If activated, these cause pain and inflammation. The pain may even spread to the surrounding areas. And finding a trigger point is quite easy. It may appear swollen and tight. And your therapist can loosen it just by applying pressure for one and a half minute in the affected area.

Relaxation massage techniques are there in plenty. All you need is a few weeks in an Ayurveda retreat or recommendation from a therapist.