Medicated Steam Bath-Things To Understand

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Medicated steam bath is an Ayurvedic treatment that offers numerous health benefits. Here, the therapist combines certain herbs and boils. The steam, then, is passed onto the body of the patient. The process lasts up to 15 minutes. It is highly recommended that you get it for a few days from an Ayurveda retreat. However, here is a brief guide if you plan to do it on your own.

How to do a steam bath

The first step of getting the best from medicated steam bath is to know how to do it the right way. Follow the steps given below and you will fare well.

Prepare well

Make sure that you are ready for the process. Drink at least two large glasses of water before going for it. You have to sweat a lot. Have your meal at least one hour earlier. Food may make you feel heavy and damage your digestive system. Therapists also recommend a few minutes of stretching. This will prepare your body to flush out the toxins stored in it. You should also have a good shower and thoroughly cleanse your body. Dirt blocks the pores on your skin. It is from them that sweat comes out.

Begin the process

Wear a towel. Bathing suits too would do fine. There are those who feel that you should wear water-proof shoes. This protects your feet from funguses that thrive in the humid atmosphere. Sit or stand in the bath. Whatever you do, make sure that you are able to relax. Close your eyes and do a few minutes of breathing exercise. You can stay there as long as your body allows. The time generally ranges from five to 20 minutes.

 Rest well

Do not force your body into work immediately after having a steam bath. Give it enough time to relax and get back to normal. When out of the bath, drink lots of water. This replenishes the moisture you lost during the process.

Medicated steam bath

Steam bath becomes medicated when you add certain herbs that maximize its potential. The ingredients may differ from person to person. If you are a beginner, read as much as possible. Consulting a doctor too is highly recommended. If you are doing it for therapeutic benefits, spend a few days in an Ayurveda yoga retreat. We guarantee, you will never regret your decision to enjoy self-care under our supervision.