Medicated Steam Bath-Benefits And Risks

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Medicated steam bath is an Ayurvedic treatment meant to cleanse your body from all impurities. You are taken to a steam chamber. There, the therapist passes the steam of water boiled with certain herbs. The process continues for ten to 15 minutes; until your body perspires.

Health benefits

Medicated steam bath, if done for a few weeks, offers numerous health benefits here are just a few among them.

It relieves you from stress

Spending a few minutes in a steam chamber lower stress levels, say experts. This happens because medicated steam slows down the release of Cortisol, the stress hormone. When it is low, you feel relaxed and at peace with yourself.

It strengthens your heart

Spending time in a steam chamber, research reveals, improves blood circulation. It is perhaps is a boost your heart needs at regular intervals. Increased flow of blood in the extremities may even heal damaged tissues.

 It revitalizes your skin

Medicated steam removes all toxins from your skin. Quite naturally, you feel fresh and energetic. The treatment is also recommended for the skin issues like acne. The increased blood circulation gives it a particular glow.

 It relaxes your body after an intense workout session

Muscles that involve in your workout need relaxation. And a few minutes in a steam chamber is the best treat you can give yourself. When your muscles are relaxed, they recover fast. This deserves utmost importance in a well-outline workout routine.

It boosts your weight loss efforts

As you know, water retention is the cause of excess weight for many. When you sweat out, you flush out this excess along with the impurities. This gives momentum to your attempts to shed those unwanted pounds. Medicated steam bath also boosts your metabolism.

Possible dangers

No man is perfect; so is the things/strategies he prepares. However, Ayurveda is the safest system with minimum complications. Here are possible risks of medicated steam bath and ways to overcome them.


The temperature in steam chambers may vary greatly. They generally range from 110-116°. And the humidity is up to 100%. This may cause dehydration if you are not careful enough. Drink lots of water before entering the chamber. And do not spend more than 20 minutes there.

Poor installation causes more harm than good

A steam chamber, if not properly installed, does more harm than good. It may cause headache instead of helping you relax.