Four Effective Ayurvedic Tips To Lose Weight

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  "Diets that promise incredible results abound in number. However, most of them fail miserably. They are either crash diets or difficult-to-follow meal programs. Some of them even damage your health. To be honest, losing weight does not mean ill-health. And the best course of action is going Ayurveda."


Ayurveda and weight loss

Ayurveda is an Indian form of treatment based on herbs and diets. This means that no chemical enters your body. And it deserves utmost significance if you want to lose weight in a healthy way. Following are four practical Ayurvedic tips that will help you lose weight without sacrificing your health.

Begin your day with a glass of lemon juice

The galore of health benefits lemon offers is common knowledge. It boosts your digestive system, strengthens your immunity and rejuvenates your skin. You feel fresh and energetic enough to face a hectic day ahead. If you are someone suffering from acidity, you may need an alternative for the same. Consult a therapist and explore the Ayurvedic treatments available for you.

Avoid snacks

Three meals a day is more than enough for your body to sustain itself. When it becomes enough, your body deviates from its usual course of action. It forgets to burn fat. Divide your meals into three; breakfast, lunch and dinner. Begin the process of fueling the body with a medium meal between 7-9 AM. Lunch should be your largest meal and dinner the smallest. If snacking is a must, add it as a dessert for lunch.

Sleep well

This, according to Ayurveda, is the healthiest way to lose weight. Adjust your sleeping pattern in accordance with your biological clock. The generally recommended time to go to bed is 10 PM. Try to sleep till 6 in the morning. If you are an early morning person, go to bed early.

Include guggul in your diet

Guggul is a herb that has been with us for centuries to treat weight loss. It generates a sterol called“guggulsterone.” It boosts metabolism and speeds up weight loss. Finally, complement your effort with a good exercise routine. Working out not only eliminates the excess fat, but also lowers your blood pressure. It increases your energy, relieves you from stress and refreshes your skin. A properly developed workout routine is also the best preventive medicine for chronic diseases.