Chronic Back Pain-Four Effective Ayurvedic Treatments

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Backache, the most common among pain-caused illnesses, happens due to numerous reasons. Strained ligaments/muscles, arthritis, bulging disks, osteoporosis etc. are just a few to mention among them. Unfortunately, there exists no test to determine the exact cause of back pain.  
Here comes Ayurveda to your assistance. It does not contain the chemicals allopathic medicines carry. In the meantime, Ayurvedic treatment eliminates the root cause of your back pain/ache. As a result, you are able to enjoy freedom from the pain that tormented you for long.

Following are four effective Ayurvedic treatments for back pain.

Heat therapy

Put a cup of uncooked rice in a cloth. Tie it neatly. Heat it in medium setting on your microwave for one minute. Apply it on the affected area.  

Garlic milk

  Drink a glass of garlic milk every day. This is hailed as an effective treatment for chronic back pain/ache. Garlic massage too is a powerful pain reliever. Fry a few cloves of garlic in castor oil. Massage your back with the solution.  


  Take one or two pods of cardamom. Crush them and mix with milk. Add one pinch of turmeric. Drink it before going to bed. Turmeric heals the inflammation and cardamom is a natural painkiller.  


  The pain-relieving effect of essential oils is common knowledge. Some warm up your muscles and others provide temporary pain relief. Mix a few drops of Rosemary and thyme oils. Add it in hot water and enjoy a warm bath. Add peppermint to experience instant pain relief.

Your physician may even recommend a few weeks of treatment in an ayurvedic center. In such an instance, we welcome you to Elephant Pass Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat. The center lets you bask in the beauty of nature in the accompaniment of the music of River Periyar. Following are the treatments we offer for the same.

Pizhichil : A Kerala-specific treatment, it combines the process of oleation and sudation. Here, the therapist pours lukewarm medicated oil all over your body. Gentle massage follows suit. This is done in seven different postures until your body perspires. The treatment is great for chronic backaches and for the diseases like arthritis.

Elakizhy: This too is a process that results in sudation. The therapist dips dry medicinal leaves in lukewarm medicated oil. The treatment offers lasting relief from pain. It is also ideal for certain neurological conditions.

Try us once; we guarantee, you will never regret the decision.