Ayurvedic Massages

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massage     Ayurvedic massage is the major part of Ayurvedic treatment. Just as a machine needs to be oiled, the body loves to have its largest organ, the skin soothed, which is why oils are commonly used in Ayurvedic massage. Ayurvedic massage forms part of a more comprehensive Ayurveda treatment and is one of Ancient India’s best-kept secrets. Over 5,000 years of empirical research has refined Ayurvedic massage into a sublime art, and yet it is still unheard of by many. However, combining skilled knowledge of the body with knowledge of oils, music, and bodywork techniques has resulted in a profound art for balancing the body and mind through the medium of oil massage.     THERAPEUTIC BENEFITS: Oil massage is consistently used throughout Ayurvedic massage treatments. In an ideal world, Ayurvedic massage should be carried out every day to promote positive health, overcome fatigue, strengthen the nervous system, improve eyesight, nourish the bodily tissues, increase longevity, normalize sleep, instill flexibility and sturdiness as well as to maintain good health in general.ayurveda411   An additional benefit of Ayurvedic massage is the potency of the herb-infused oils used. These enhance the process of purification and regeneration. Shown to completely permeate the dermis in 5 minutes and all seven layers of skin in 8-10 minutes, the oils used can be infused with up to 75 different herbs, increasing the therapeutic effect immeasurably. The Charaka Samhita, an ancient Ayurvedic treatise states that Ayurvedic oils strengthen the metabolic fires, purify the intestines, remove toxins from the tissues, rejuvenate the body, prevent ageing and bestow the user with a lifespan of 100 years.”  

      AAyurveda-Head-Massage sensitive Ayurvedic massage therapist is able to read an individual’s body map of aches, pains, lumps and bumps, fully aware that every touch evokes certain emotions and gently facilitates the ‘letting-go’ of unresolved wounds. During an Ayurvedic massage a subtle transfer of electromagnetic energy takes place between the therapist and the client so it is important to trust and feel ‘good vibes’ with your chosen therapist. One must feel receptive and safe in order to allow the energy of the therapist to facilitate the healing process. In turn a wave of unconditional love and compassion flows through the therapist as they respect the faith you have placed in them, an honour not taken lightly. Perhaps that’s why the Ayurvedic word for oil is sneha; a term also synonymous with love, kindness and tenderness; all the feelings that should engulf you during an Ayurvedic body massage. If love is the panacea, then an Ayurvedic oil massage is a great way to get a good dose of unconditional love.

Ayurvedic medicine is an Indian traditional medicine. The term Ayurveda means “science of life” and it is a holistic system that seeks the well-being of the person based on their Dosha or constitution (Vata, Pitta or Kapha) and their Vikritis (Dosha imbalances that cause disease) to adapt both the essential oils that are used as the pace and strength of the specific massage. Ayurveda massage ensures balance between mind and body .Ayurvedic medicine considers the interaction and balance of mind, body and spirit from the internal power of the individual and seeks, through massage, a general good feeling.   An Ayurveda massage serves not only to relieve pain but especially as preventive medicine increasing circulation, stimulating and strengthening the lymphatic system, and opening the flow of life force in order to cleanse and revitalize the body. In addition, essential oils used in Ayurveda massages are very nourishing and detoxifying, helping to prevent aging and leaving the skin soft and shiny.   One of the best and famous Ayurveda resort near Cochin International Airport.  Here you can enjoy and experience all kind of ayurvedic massages/therapies for the better health. Elephant pass Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat, is the  best massage center in Kochi,(Cochin)Kerala,India.The atmosphere and ambiance is very Adoptable for the Ayurveda treatments and Yoga.It is situated on the banks of famous river Periyar near Malayattoor church. A best place to relax and spent the time of leisure trips. For more : http://elephantpassresort.com/