Ayurvedic Fasting

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reduce-body-fat Fasting (Langanam) is an effective way to kindle the digestive fire and burn away accumulated toxins from the body and mind. It also eliminates gas, makes the body light, improves mental clarity, and preserves overall health. Ayurveda favors regular, short-term fasting over infrequent, long-term fasting. Methodology of fasting to selected depending on the body constitution and cleansing requirements. According to Ayurveda, abstaining from food or water for extended periods of time depletes bodily tissues, leading to doshic imbalance. The primary types of fasting in Ayurveda include;
  • Consuming light foods only (such as Kitchadi and Kanji)
  •  Consuming fruits, vegetables, or juices only.
  •  Abstaining from solid foods
  •  Abstinence from both food and water.
elimination-diet-ayurveda In determining the appropriate type and length of a fast, it’s important to take into account your constitution, digestive strength, level of ama, and overall vitality. It’s never advised to deplete your energy during a fast. If you’re new to fasting or have a chronic illness, we recommend consulting an Ayurvedic practitioner for specifically tailored guidance. The signs of effective fasting include: Lightness in the body, clarity in the mind, and increased energy. Regular bowel movements with no gas or bloating. A clean tongue and fresh breath.    

        It’s best to choose a fasting period in which you’ll be able to follow a peaceful, non-stressful routine.It’s also important always to break your fasts properly. The most important rule to remember is to begin eating again gradually, slowly working your way up to solid foods. Preparatory treatments to Panchakarma include light fasting, steam therapy, herbalized oil massage, and the intake of herbal decoctions or oils. These  procedures help loosen accumulated toxins (ama), which then enter the major channels of the body for elimination.

Health benefits of fasting:
  • Acne, pimples and other skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis clears up faster when a person fasts.
  • Fasting reduces joint pains in conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and gout.
  • It helps to overcome addictions and help in deaddiction.
  • Fasting brings glow to skin and makes skin radiant.
  • Body energy level and Immunity increases when you fast.
  • Body tissues get rejuvenated.
  • This Helps in weight reduction and to control obesity.

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