Ayurveda Massage Therapy-Mistakes To Avoid

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Massage therapists, unfortunately, tend to forget the basics in their profession. This not only stresses out their clients, but also affects their businesses.

Avoid these 4 mistakes from your practice:

Lack of professionalism


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  Cancellation of commitments without prior notice is negligence in the true sense. You have the right to go by your own schedule. However, lack of commitment is a recipe for disaster. Do not let your desire for freedom affect your reputation as a dedicational masseur. When you sign up a contract, the client expects you to fulfill it. Disregard here will cost you dearly in the form of negative client campaigning.

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                         Improper body mechanics

  This applies to amateur therapists. Proper body mechanics improves balance and strengthens arms. Learning proper body mechanics is a must to succeed as a masseur. Make sure that you are in tune with how your client’s body responds to pressure. Excess pressure will make your client uncomfortable. His/her muscles tighten and breathing becomes restricted. If the body is tense, you may be doing it wrong. Check the responses from the client and modify the technique accordingly.  


Making the client uncomfortable

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The atmosphere of the massaging room itself can build up or destroy your business. An unclean office, overwhelming smell of oils and a bad massage table frustrate clients. And they will never dare to book your service the next time. Make sure that your office is clean all the time. Use candles with a light scent and invest in a good-quality massage table. It should have a comfortable face cradle.

Frequent interruptions


yoga resort keralaFrequent interruptions during massage may turn your clients away from your business. When before a client, focus only on him/her. Do not attend calls or chat in between. Remember, your clients are there seeking relaxation.


Too much communication

You have to check with the client for excessive pressure or other discomforts. However, checking too much can annoy the person. Tell the client in advance that you need to be informed if he/she feels discomfort at any time. One or two questions in between would do fine. If you notice any discomfort, suggest ways to help them. Let your client enjoy if the person appears relaxed.


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