Ayurveda and Tourism

In traveling or tourism field,the  health related factors turned to the purpose of recovery comes under the medical tourism. Around five thousand year old tradition of ancient India, Ayurveda maintains a holistic system of cure on the principles of physical balance and purification. With its naturopathic mode of treatment involving no side effects even in the instances of acutely serious disorders1 National and international acceptance of Ayurvedic healing has definitely increased the demands  of Ayurveda tourism in India. The systematic means of detoxification as protected in the process of 'Panchakarma', it proves to be a better option if the affected individuals try to avail of its beneficial methodologies by participating in one of its curative centers. Nowadays lots of that kind of treatment centers are available in India Especially in Kerala. 2     Stress torn population of the modern world is turning towards naturopathic healing of Ayurveda for soothing relief and comfort. Massaging with the help of essential oils which is one of the effective procedures of Ayurveda in order to relieve an individual from tension and anxiety is also employed as part of therapeutic treatment in these kind of ayurvedic  treatment centers. While massaging can also be done individually, the specialized way of massaging employed at health centers not only makes for relief but also enlightens one on the typical technique to be employed. This in turn is providing the right booster to Ayurvedic tourism. Worldwide fad for relaxation therapy and that of an effective beauty regimen has also widened the scope of Ayurvedic tourism. With plastic surgery and allopathic remedies with regard to beauty and style statement proving to be costly and ill consequential; there has been a gradual shift in focus on the Ayurvedic remedial option in respect of the same. Besides massaging, the entire concept of beauty in addition to that of a physical fit body and mind may be easily afforded in the numerous health care centers seeking to provide alternative treatment in Ayurveda. In overcoming problems such as diabetes, joint pains, arthritis and malignant tumors in its early stages, Ayurvedic health centers located in the southern part of India, In Kerala is particularly effective. Certain physical exercises and yogic postures or 'asana' suggested as remedial means to diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and high lipid content of blood can be effectively practiced in health centers. The experts involved can enlighten a patient on the effective way of dealing with various forms and aspects of exercises.Yoga-Session Detoxification of the body by way of formulas based on herbal and other natural extracts can be properly facilitated if one subjects himself to the controlled ambience of health center. Besides this the methodical processes involved in Ayurveda which seeks to do away with fundamental source of the defect caused by an imbalance of any of the stimulating elements will be better accomplished if one puts himself under the protective domain of Ayurvedic health centers. Lot of ayurveda resorts and yoga centeres are available in India especially in Kerala. Due to this there is huge opportunities are also opened for the practitioners. This also leads to improve the Ayurveda  tourism in Kerala. There are many treatment centers are there. But among them, in Cochin there is an amazing place, Kodanad-near Cochin international Airport. Elephant pass Ayurveda & yoga Retreat is situated in this beautiful ecotourism village, Near Periyar river and Malayattoor church. Here you can experience all kind of traditional ayurveda treatments and massages at the river view resort. unnamed