Ayurveda and Human Stress

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       Ayurveda is an ancient technique of treatment, originated in Indian thousands of years ago. Today it is popular not only in Asian region but many parts in the worlds for its efficiency in treatment of wide range of diseases. It makes use of natural herbs , exercise and thoughtful procedures in the treatment which are absolutely free of side effects. Ayurveda has proven to be equally effective in management of stress and strain related problems of life caused due to several reasons.  

 Stress and Health

       For a good health, it is very important that one should be in control of his/her mind. Without a healthy mind , one cannot achieve a healthy body. Negative emotions or stress is a major cause of many diseases. Stress reduces the immunity of the body and thus turns it into a host of disease causing micro organisms and parasites, which causes further deterioration of the bodily and mental health. Ayurveda with its assisting practices like Yoga, Pranayama and meditation is the way to fight stress and come back to the beautiful life by gaining control of the mind. Once in control of the mind, a person doesn't remain slave of the mind but becomes the master and starts enjoying life.   depressed young man sitting on the bench  

 What is Stress ?

        Stress is nothing but the body’s reaction to a situation. Faced with a emotionally or physically challenging situation the body adjusts itself and releases certain chemicals like adrenaline etc to cope better with the situation. This results in expressions like beating heart, moisture or a flushed or irritated face. Small amounts of stress are actually considered to be beneficial and productive towards work, where in the person puts the extra effort to achieve his/her accomplishments. But chronic stress can affect the normal physical and mental functioning of the body and may lead to break down of certain bodily mechanisms.   Ayurveda considers depression or stress is linked with a basic element of the body tissues called "Ojas" ,a misbalance in this element within the body causes the individual to get stressed or anxious. To bring back this lost balance of "Ojas" and to reduce amount of stress , Ayurveda recommends the following kinds of treatment. The treatments are aimed at removal of toxic substances from the body system and nourishing the body at the same time:   Life-with-a-herbal-touch    

Ayurveda Treatment for Stress Related Problems.

  • Panchkarma techniques are found to be very useful in treatment of stress related problems. Panchkarma is a procedure which finds the cause of the problem and corrects it by balancing the doshas of the body. Suggested in stress related case are Abhyanga, Shiroabhyanga and Shirovasti.
  •  Brahmi is a herbal medication that balances the two hemispheres of the brain and activates the chakra of crown.
  • Chandan (sandalwood) is calming agent which cools down the mind by satiating Pitta dosha.
  • Ashwagandha is an important herb that is known to maintain the chemical balance in the brain and is a proven stress buster.
  • A herb named Yashtimadhu enhances the cognitive functioning of the brain by improving various perception and memory related areas.
  • Apart from the above herbs , the one that are used in the treatment of stress realted problems are Shankh Pushpi, Vacha,Amalaki and Guduchi.
panchakarma-250x250   In our day to day life we come across situations will cause strain to our body and the resulting pain might last for a few hours , few days or often for a longer period of time. The causes of body strains may include several reasons like trauma, irregularities in life style, insufficient rest or chronic pain causing diseases like arthritis and other joint pains.   Ayurveda believes that the cause of strain or pain in one’s body is related to energy imbalances and (imbalances in doshas) and are aggravated by several factors like dietary habits, lack of exercises and improper routines. Following are the recommendations made by Ayurveda to deal with strain related situations: A message of Ayurvedic oils in the affected part is greatly helpful is dissolving the impurities in the tissues and wash them in the blood flow, eventually eliminating the pain. It is advisable to follow a dietary routine which facilitates easy digestion and absorption which again is helpful in maintaining a balance in doshas , lacking which will cause chronic strain related problems. Painful conditions are a result of vata imbalance and this can be reversed with the use of specific herbs , yoga positions and meditation. Managing your stress is also related with management of strained situations .Ayurveda recommends warm oil massages and certain yoga postures for good stress management. Ashwagandha, Celery, Bishop’s weed, Ginger , Garlic, Dandelion etc. are some of the herbs that are used to treat strain related conditions.   images   Nowadays these kinds of treatments are taken by the Ayurveda Resorts. One of the famous Ayurveda & Yoga resort , Elephant pass Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat  situated near Cochin International Airport. In this retreat we are doing all kind of ayurveda treatments/Massages. Especially distress  treatments, Panchakarma treatments etc.. This  monsoon is the best season for rejuvenation  and all kind of ayurvedic  treatments at the river front resorts  with the  best offers. unnamed