Abhyangam-A Treatment Your Body Loves!

By / 2nd March, 2019 / Ayurveda Treatments / No Comments
Abhyangam is an ayurvedic full body oil massage. And it is the greatest gift you can give your body. Following are five reasons why your body loves Abhyangam.

It cleanses your body from all impurities

Obesity is almost like an epidemic today. People are forced to spend tons of money for the same. What if I say that a few weeks of Abhyangam will save hundreds or thousands of dollars? Here, the therapist massages your body with certain herbal oils. The expert does it for an hour in seven different postures until the body perspires. The process also removes the excess of fat stored in it. Quite naturally, regular Abhyangam will do much more than all the treatments available for it. It rejuvenates your skin, detoxifies it and helps you feel energetic.

It strengthens and tones your muscles

A warm oil bath strengthens your muscles and relaxes them. As a result, you get relief from pain. Abhyangam, if done regularly, is a powerful chemical-free treatment for chronic pains. The massage also strengthens your joints.

Abhyangam relieves you from stress

Research done in the field reveals that Ayurveda reduces stress. This may be the result of the removal of vata dosha. It even lowers blood pressure. Abhyangam holds great potential to treat lifestyle diseases; scientists observe.

It improves sleep

The head massage done during abhyangam improves your sleep. This happens because the process helps the body get the moisturizing and lubricating effect of kafa. This calms it. As a result, you are able to sleep well. Studies suggest that abhyangam improves sleep quality up to 68%. People also reports less wake-ups in between.

It is an effective treatment for arthritis

The oils used during the massage strengthen and lubricates your joints. It increases their flexibility and you get relief from pain. Remember, tight joints are the ones that cause the pain when suffering from the diseases like arthritis.

It also increases your energy levels and improves immunity.

Abhyangam is a process you can do on your own. However, we highly recommend that you visit an Ayurveda yoga center at regular intervals. There is a scientific know-how for every aspect of Ayurveda. And specialists are the best sources of information in this regard. Just make sure that the center you visit has all the amenities you deserve. The service of a therapist on call is a must if you are undergoing treatment for anything.