Kaprikadu eco Turism center

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Kodanad is in the list of Ecotourism destination projects sponsored by the Government of India. As a part of this project, Kaprikkad, a village lying 3 km adjacent to Kodanad on the river bank has been set up in 2006 for entertaining visitors in the most natural and environmental friendly way. Kodanad Elephant Training Centre was a popular attraction in the banks of Periyar in Kerala. Even though it was started as an elephant training centre, over a period of time, hundreds of animals and birds were brought into this place and it was developed as a mini-zoo. As the number of animals significantly increased, animal activists started complaining about keeping such a large number of animals in a small area of 2.5 acres of land in Kodanad. Deers were struggling in a very small fenced area. Elephants had no space to walk around. The objective of Abhayaranyam project is to develop an animal rescue centre for the rescue and rehabilitation of wild animals.