Iringole Kavu Forest Temple

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Situated in the tropical rain forest in Pattal, near Perumbavoor, Cochin, the Iringole Kavu resides the diety in the form of ‘’Vana Durga’’ as the Power of Forest. An amazing dense forest surrounded by big trees grabbed the attention of all. It is believed that the ‘Power’ is flanked by the numerous gods and goddesses on all sides in the form of thick trees and plants. The geneology of the temple dated back to the ‘Dwapara Yuga’ of Lord Krishna in Hindu mythology. When Kamsa, the uncle of Lord Krishna tried to kill the little girl child in fury, she glided away and sustained in air as a powerful radiance. This was called ‘’Irrinole’’- hence came the name for the temple as ‘Irrigole kavu.’The diety was in the form of ‘Yaga-Nidra’- a form of Maya (or illusion) . Any person coming here got struck by the rich flaura and fauna including teak, tamarind, mango, pine, monkeys, squirrels, mynah and rare medicinal plants. The turtles in the nearby lake also draws our undivided attention.