DURATION –7 /14 / 21/28 Days

1.SOUKHYAM (preventive & regenerative package )

100 Euros/Day/Person

This is a basic karkkidakam package which suits all, irrespective of age and gender. In this you will experience a full program of authentic Ayurvedic therapies, which work to create balance between body, mind and soul. The below mentioned therapies are considered to be the most effective method of natural preventative medicine, helping you avoid unforeseen physical ailments, while rejuvenating the body and maintaining the bodies optimum physique.

Package includes:

body_purification- blog2
  • Abhyangam
  • Shiro Dhara
  • Ela (Dry Leaf) Kizhi
  • NjavaraLepanam
  • Sneha Vasthy (Oil Enema)
  • Yoga Sessions


100 Euros/Day/Person

Typically this program is for 14 or 21 days depending on the physiology of your body. Individually planned to restore the vigour and vitality of the body and mind, this treatment programme releases the accumulated toxins and prolonged stress from the body.

Package includes:

  • Dhanyamladhara
  • Udwarthana (powder massage)
  • Churnakizhi
  • Takradhara
  • Kashayavasthi(decoction enema)
  • Sneha vasthi
  • Virechanam (purgation)
  • Yoga sessions

3.SATWA (de stress package )

100 Euros/Day/Person

The package duration is for 14 / 21 days . The Holistic approach of stress management program with yoga and meditation along with ayurvedic treatments helps in de-stressing yourself through multi-dimensional solution. Ayurveda believes that the cause of strain or pain in the body is related to energy imbalances and imbalances in doshas.following treatments are included in the pacakage.

Package includes:

  • Abyangam
  • Pizhichil (medicated oil bath)
  • Shirodhara
  • Njavarakizhi
  • Yoga / meditation

4.VARNYAM (skin / beauty care)

100 Euros/Day/Person

Skin is the largest and sensitive organ of the body , it exhibits the complexion of a person and also protects the body from external environment . the above package is formulated with therapies which does the periodic care of twak (skin) by improving the blood circulation

Package includes:

  • Abyangam
  • Udwarthanam
  • Mukhalepanam
  • Njavaralepanam
  • Pizhichil with aromatic oils

5.SANDHI SAMRAKSHANAM (joint care package )

100 Euros/Day/Person

This program is for 21 / 28 days. Arthritis &Spondylosis is a common ailment affecting usually men and women above age of 40, especially those with less bone density or calcium deficiency. Ayurveda comes to the rescue and has effective procedures & traditional knowledge in combating chronic problems related to joints.some of the effective therapies include ;

Package includes:

  • Elakizhi
  • Januvasthi
  • Kati vasthi
  • Nasyam
  • Decoction / oil enema
  • Pizhichil
  • Churnakizhi

Pickup and drop off will be extra for those packs..Free WiFiwil be available in the resort premises. Credit card facility is also available.

Accomodation In A/C river view cottage on full board.

Meals will be as per ayurvedic diet (ONLY VEG.).

Doctor’s consultation/check up during the course of treatment.

Daily 2 session of ayurvedic massage/therapy per person(1to 1.5 hrs) as prescribed by the doctor.

One session of Yoga Daily

Daily internal medicines during the course of treatment

What our clients says

I was looking for a break from my busy life and I found this beautiful place situated deep in the jungle, sandwiched between an elephant taming center and river Periyar. A place of tranquility and serenity, you can forget the rest of the world in its ambiance. My family enjoyed the stay there, excellent food and service, also the Ayurveda massage is a good chance to get rejuvenated. looking forward to go there in October.

LalYardley“A peaceful place”


If you want to go somewhere that is extremely beautiful with a huge amount of peace and tranquility thrown in then go here.My daughter and i were looking for a yoga retreat with treatments and I found the Elephant Pass. Situated by the river in amongst the trees you could not ask for a better place to go to totally unwind. The treatments are amazing and when finished you can relax and just listen to the birdsong and watch the river, it reall is heaven.

Rachel LHatherleigh, United Kingdom

If you want something relaxing with excellent food and locally run (and not too far from the airport), this is a good find. The ayerveda treatments were great for me. It’s not a five star hotel so know you have to like the local feel and maybe go see some elephants at the sanctuary near by. Great escape for a few days and lovely hospitality!

joliemcarey“Tranquility Found”

In the month of September first week my family and me stayed in Elephant pass Ayurveda& Yoga Retreat Kodanad/Kochi for a week period. The experience which we gained was very fantastic. The location in front of the retreat was amazing and mesmerizing. The salient feature of river Periyar is wonderful, the treatment and care which was given by the team in total was praiseable…The vacation truly enjoyed with my family. I will definitely will visit this location again with my family.

Ranjith B“Experience”

All the words synonymous with calm originate from this place. When u reach this place u will be greeted by an amazing view of the lake. Rooms are nice and spacious. The manager and the staff are just so up to the mark attending to your every small call. The staff out there, Vinish, Bobby, Arun will make u feel so much relaxed. Normally people come here for some treatment. However since we were there for just relaxation, these guys customised massages for us after a very brief meeting with the local doctor Dr. Mathew. U will feel so rejuvenated after every massage session. Do not miss this place if u r in the kadanad area.

Madant“Calm and Serene ”

“Relaxing Visit”

My family and I stayed for five nights, and it was Avery enjoyable and relaxing experience. The resort is on the Periyar river bank next to forest in a calm and serene environment. The massage treatments were good. The yoga instructor (Sheba) was a very pleasant lady that did a good job on introducing us to yoga. The outstanding staff are the real stars of this resort. Jijo, Bobby, Arun and the rest made sure that all our needs were met. This includes arranging trips to the tourist spots and the preparation and serving of tasty home cooked meals. I will definitely recommend this resort to anyone who wants a rejuvenating break. I certainly plan to return soon

Rubini KLubbock, Texas

“Excellent Recharge”

Relaxing and peaceful location right on the river. Excellent vegetarian food that is all sourced locally. Clean and nice sized rooms. Friendly, helpful and accommodating staff. Amazing treatments and yoga. What more can one ask for? I will definitely be back.

SlapazBerlin, Germany

A little pocket of paradise..
If you are searching for a place to experience the unbelievable therapies of Ayurvedic treatments and some authentic yoga retreat time the elephant pass Ayurvedic and yoga retreat centre Just outside Kochi on the backwater rivers is certainly a place to consider.
Set in peaceful, tranquil surroundings you can certainly take a step back from the rest of the world and recollect your soul, mind and physical being here.

Samantha C“Retreat bliss”

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