In Kerala in General, during the Monsoon season it happens to see fever( Viral fever) and many more contagious diseases occurs. Due to the flow of polluted water makes drinking water contaminated. By using such contaminated water, almost all the health centers both Government and private getting house full with so many other diseases including like viral fever, cholera, Gardia, E-coli 0157:H7,Hepatitis etc..

Diarrheal disease affected to children in every developing nations each day. A huge number of children  all over world die of water related diseases. Similarly a plenty of children occurs death from Tuberculosis, Malaria  as per UNESCO’s findings. The people of Kerala, though they are very hygienic in nature, the surroundings of the habitats are not that much hygienic. Preservation of wastage and its disposal is not taking seriously. The Government and the people have to work hand-in-hand to solve this herculian task.MONSOON DISEASES 3

The contaminated water is the root cause of water borne illnesses. The water borne illnesses can be prevented through proper sanitation. Hence Sufficient access to clean water is a necessity for reducing water borne diseases. During monsoon season in Kerala, water borne diseases occurred every year. In order to prevent infectious water borne diseases, it is important to take necessary precautions. In Kerala generally almost all Keralites are using boiled water by adding some herbal medicinal plant’s roots. By this, a certain quantity of water borne diseases can be prevented diseases such as diarrheal diseases, including cholera, and other serious illness such as worm disease, Typhoid and Dysentery. Particularly, Cholera is an infection of small intestine by bacteria. This is being caused by taking foods, drinks (Curd) sold by street venders, the vegetables which are all having growth in water containing human wastes and undercooked fishes which is having a growth in sewage water. Moreover Typhoid, Dysentary are the water borne diseases.

Treatment in Ayurveda is much capable for to prevent water borne diseases. Ayurveda treatment has proved in curing within a stipulated period, Malaria and several other diseases. AKANADI and GUDUCHI are used in Ayurveda as an antidote to Malaria. Ayurvedic practice without AKANADI and GUDUCHI herb may not be possible. In Ayurveda emphatically says that without ingredients of several Ayurvedic medicines are fully depending up on GUDUCHI, which is more beneficial for chronic fever, infections, low immunity asthma and chronic fatigue etc..

In Monsoon season, Generally mosquito carrying Dengue fever bites a healthy person, the dengue fever viruses get transmitted to that person. For the treatment of dengue, Tulsi is being as Medicinal property in Ayurvedic Therapy.

In India as you knmonsoonow, how far Ayurvedic treatments gives perform vital role by using herbals of some particular plants gives normalcy in a human body. The result which found amazing rather than application of any other drugs in Allopathic Medicine. Ayurveda treatment for various diseases in Kerala especially is practicing since long long years back. Nowadays other nationals are much more interested in undergoing Ayurvedic treatments and Therapy. And they admire on seeing a better result from this within a stipulated time. Elephant pass Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat, Kodanad is a renowned one in giving Ayurveda treatments and Yoga. This Ayurveda and Yoga Resort is situated in a village, Kodanad in a very calmly atmosphere in the banks of River Periyar.