Ayurveda and Medicines

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            From 5000 years back itself the traditional health care started in Ayurvedic treatment. Originally Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word denotes “Ayur” as Life and “Veda” as Knowledge. In Veda about Ayurveda and it’s medicines was written centuries back itself. The Ancient civilization started Ayurveda treatment. The foreigners were all landed in this soil were taken treatment and well as Ayurvedic Medicines from our Nation. This Ayurvedic Medicines were incorporated with other components to Siddha Medicine also. The people who all are all taking Ayurvedic medicines practicing Yoga also along with the Ayurveda treatment. In India traditionally, Pathanjali started these two 5000 years back itself.images

     Generally all the three Doshas known as bodily energies. The excess state of all the three Doshas leading to some sort of diseases in human body. The three Doshas are One Pitta Dosha, Vata Dosha and Kapha Dosha. Pitta Dosha is Linked to Fire which makes inflammation in the stomach and creates digestive problem ulcers heart burn anger and even arthritis also. Vada Dosha is an association between air and space and which is linked to bodily movement. For example, breating and blood circulation. By this the symptoms like Joint pain, Constipation, Dry skin, Anxiety and other Ailments… Kapha Dosha, which is linked between earth and water which controls the growth and strength and is getting accumulated in chest, torso and back.

This is being considered strong and solid constitution and generally calm in nature. Eventually obesity, diabetes, Sinus problems, Gall bladder which mays out of balance. The Doshas are being measured by the factors such as Stress , unhealthy diet, weather conditions etc..

For all these above said factors, Ayurvedic medicines which are all prepared from herbals and its oils is being used. The Panchakarma treatment has got its vital role in Ayurvedic treatment and therapy. In addition to this Yoga is also being incorporated for a healthy body and mind.
In India, and especially in Kerala, a lot of Ayurvedic and Yoga centers are there which gives a fruitful results. In and around Kochi area too high profiled centers are available.