Water scarcity-Causes,Effects and Solutions

Water Scarcity  Simply we can say Water scarcity is the lack of sufficient available water resources to meet water needs within a region. Now a days ,this phenomenon ie; Scarcity of water increasing day by day.as well as the needs of water also increasing .But the resources are destroying by the human activities such as

Hairloss and Ayurveda

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  Hairloss and Ayurveda treatments In the recent past a large number of people are approaching  for Ayurveda treatment in connection with hair loss complaint. The root cause of hair loss in male circle is mainly because of vitamin deficiency and some sort of hormonal changes. Using various brands of shampoos are also one of


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Water is the most important nutrient for the human body. Next to oxygen, the human body needs water in order to survive. 2/3 of the human body is water; therefore it is important to take in as much water as we can. Our bodies replace 2 ½ quarts of water each day, to keep running;

Vegetarian Diet & Health

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“Vegetarian” that word itself is pointing towards the food which is being made by vegetables and some sort of leaves.  The items like flesh(meat), fish and poultry items to be treated as other than vegetarian. Preventing Cancer Vegetarian food is much concern nowadays in connection with its nature of low in saturated fat.High amount of

Tourism in Kerala,India

Tourism in Kerala Kerala, is a state of the country India, situated on the tropical Malabar Coast of southwestern in India. It  is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Simply called “God’s own country”as a tagline of Kerala. Kerala is famous especially for its ecotourism initiatives ,beautiful backwaters, Wild lifes  and


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  MEDICINAL PLANTS IN KERALA/INDIA     The richness of Medicinal plants in Kerala is in Agastyagoodam/Agastyamala is famous  and which lies in Western Ghats, South India. Agastyagoodam in the name of sage Agastya situated at a height of about 1900 Meters above sea level and the second highest peak in Kerala. Here the rare Medicinal

Global Warming

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Global Warming   Global Warming is the increase of Earth’s average surface temperature due to effect of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels or from deforestation, which trap heat that would otherwise escape from Earth. This is a type of greenhouse effect. Green house gases is one of the major

Health & Modern Life

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   In this modern world all mechanical life turned to the tune of Modern life style. In ancient days people went outside for their daily needs by walk in miles away distances. That situation is now totally changed and even for half a kilometer distance, people going by Bus, Rikshaw, and other transports for their

Ayurveda & Digestion

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  Over 90% of people suffer from everyday digestion problems such as gas, bloating, stomach pain, constipation, heartburn, and fatigue after eating. Maharishi Ayurveda provides simple solutions to these common complaints by considering not only what we eat but how we consume our meals. Many times we are munching on a sandwich while driving through

Ayurveda and Tourism

In traveling or tourism field,the  health related factors turned to the purpose of recovery comes under the medical tourism. Around five thousand year old tradition of ancient India, Ayurveda maintains a holistic system of cure on the principles of physical balance and purification. With its naturopathic mode of treatment involving no side effects even in

Human Health in Modern world

Now a days to live a healthy man/Women  is a big problem against us as well as it’s a challenge also.live a healthy life in modern day  be challenging. The key lies within yourself and your attitude towards the elements that surround you. Sadly we cannot turn the clock back to a time when foods

Yoga & Ayurveda

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          In the  Western culture, most of the people are using Yoga as a stretching tool to make  the body limber and agile. To this extent there is no better practice. Traditionally, however, Yoga postures are an important  part of a spiritual journey. Yoga is a complete science of helping the

Ayurvedic Massages

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AYURVEDIC MASSAGE: An Overview      Ayurvedic massage is the major part of Ayurvedic treatment. Just as a machine needs to be oiled, the body loves to have its largest organ, the skin soothed, which is why oils are commonly used in Ayurvedic massage. Ayurvedic massage forms part of a more comprehensive Ayurveda treatment and

Ayurvedic Fasting

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AYURVEDIC  FASTING Fasting (Langanam) is an effective way to kindle the digestive fire and burn away accumulated toxins from the body and mind. It also eliminates gas, makes the body light, improves mental clarity, and preserves overall health. Ayurveda favors regular, short-term fasting over infrequent, long-term fasting. Methodology of fasting to selected depending on the

Ayurveda & Allopathy

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Benefits of Ayurveda Medicines than Allopathic Medicines   Ayurveda is the age old system of medicine developed in ancient India about 5000 years ago. It is considered to be the holistic method of treatment which aims at removing a disease condition from its root level. The term ‘Ayurveda’ is said to be the combination of two Sanskrit


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BACK PAIN TREATMENT IN AYURVEDA            Back Pain is felt along the spine of the human body, and it might be acute or chronic depending upon the intensity. Some people suffer from back pain for seemingly no reason at all, and in some cases the cause can be lying on the


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What is Onam ?       Onam is the biggest and the most important festival of the state of Kerala. It is a harvest festival and is celebrated with joy and enthusiasm all over the state by people of all communities. According to a popular legend, the festival is celebrated to welcome King Mahabali,

Ayurveda and Human Stress

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  AYURVEDA        Ayurveda is an ancient technique of treatment, originated in Indian thousands of years ago. Today it is popular not only in Asian region but many parts in the worlds for its efficiency in treatment of wide range of diseases. It makes use of natural herbs , exercise and thoughtful procedures


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AYURVEDA & WEIGHT LOSS       Obesity can be defined as excessive enlargement of body’s total quantity of fat.The weight charts for men and women according to their height (BMI) are only rough indications of the state of overweight or obesity. It is the most common nutritional disorder in affluent societies. Luxurious, inactive and sedentary life style


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  MONSOON DISEASES First showers of monsoon are energetically welcomed by everyone after experiencing the burning heat of summer. But monsoons reduce the immunity of our body and make us susceptible to many diseases which are commonly associated with this season. Rainy season invites lots of health disorders.   Cold and flu are common illness

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